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Chabad Synagogue in West Boca

A Chabad synagogue is one of many different types of synagogues that exist throughout the world. These synagogues are known for their liberal and welcoming attitudes towards members of all faiths, which makes them uniquely special in comparison to other synagogues.

The Chabad in West Boca is a Jewish outreach center that serves the Jewish community of west Boca Raton, Florida. It was established in 1997 and has been serving the Jewish community ever since.

Its Center is located on 441 just between Glades and Yamato, and it believes that each individual has an important part to play in the rest of the human experience.

The Chabad is a place where people come to learn about Judaism and to find out more about their heritage. They also offer various programs for children, families, singles and couples.

The Chabad in West Boca Raton is a center for Jewish life. They offer a full range of educational, social, and spiritual programs to meet the diverse needs of all Jews.

Chabad-Lubavitch is a Jewish organization that has been serving communities around the world for many decades. There are more than 3,300 Chabad centers in more than forty different countries. Chabad provides social services in addition to their educational and other initiatives, including services for Jews and non-Jews alike in the US, where there are 850 centers located on every state.

The Chabad’s history begins in 1990, when Rabbi Zalman and Chani Bukiet were contemplating their destiny. The dilemma for a young couple is not whether or not to commit their lives to Jewish tradition and education, but rather whether or not to live and work in this ideal place.

Chabad identified the need for Jewish facilities in the West Boca area and was aware of the Jews who were migrating west. The Bukiets relocated to West Boca Raton. Their head office condominium was utilized to foster Jewish identity by organizing holiday events and workshops for adults and children.

As their programming expanded and the scope of their work grew, they saw a need to create a home of their own. They were able to accomplish this, eventually, in 2016 by building a beautiful building  to spread Jewish values.

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