Boca Jewish Center

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Boca Jewish Center

Considered by many as one of the fastest growing Orthodox Shuls and communities on the Eastern Seaboard, our warm, welcoming and engaging community is truly one of a kind.

Under the guidance of Rabbi Yaakov Gibber, our community has become both vibrant and strong, having grown exponentially both in size and stature.

Our Shabbos and Yom Tov davening and experiences are inspirational, meaningful and memorable. We boast strong daily minyanim, an extensive Adult Education learning curriculum which provides daily learning for members of all ages and of all backgrounds, a bustling and successful Youth Department under the direction of our outstanding Youth Director, an active Sisterhood, strong Pro-Israel advocacy, and Annual partnership weekends with the Orthodox Union, AIPAC, and Friends of the IDF.

Call the Shul office today and find out how you can become a part of the Boca Jewish Center family – (561) 477-8872.

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Harlan Kilstein has been a Boca Resident since 1997. He know the ins and out of Boca


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