East Boca Kehilla: Synagogue and Community

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East Boca Kehilla Torah Congregation in Boca Raton

East Boca Kehilla is a joyous and growing Torah congregation in East Boca Raton, Florida. They offer a variety of different services, including Shabbat services, weekly Torah classes, holiday events, youth programming and more.

The synagogue is an ever-growing and friendly congregation of over 60 families. They are well led by their charismatic rabbi, Noach Light, and the welcoming atmosphere can be felt from the moment you walk in. It is known for it’s energetic services on Saturday mornings.

The goal of this East Boca congregation is to foster spiritual development in a community where Jewish values are prioritized and Jews of all faiths feel welcome. This is done by fostering a sense of spiritual community, providing tools to enhance Jewish learning, and providing a space where Jews from all backgrounds can come together.

They hope to create a vibrant community of people who are enthusiastic about existence and Judaism. They want to facilitate an environment where the spark of Torah is kindled, nurtured, and celebrated. They wish to share these sentiments with others in the community and spread its warm glow outward..

They’ve situated their new home near the beach in a lovely and peaceful residential community, located in a quiet neighborhood where residents are guaranteed the best of both worlds: the village ambiance with all of the convenience of a city. There are kosher restaurants and shops nearby, so there’s never any lack for delicious food options or for things to do.

East Boca Kehilla is a community center for the Jewish population in the east Boca Raton area. It offers a variety of services to meet the needs of its members, including but not limited to educational, recreational and social opportunities.

At East Boca Kehilla, they have a Religious School for children that features a variety of different courses and activities. More importantly, the religious school is provided and funded by them which means it will never charge for tuition. They also offer Adult Education classes that cover various topics such as modern-day application of ancient Jewish texts and meditation practices.

East Boca Kehilla also build Social Action Groups and host Community Service Projects. These are designed to create a sense of community and commitment to the values of Judaism in a welcoming environment for Jews from all backgrounds.

Source: East Boca Kehilla

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