Chabad Central of Boca Raton

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Chabad Central of Boca Raton

The Chabad Central of Boca Raton has been a spiritual home for the Jewish community in Boca Raton as it has grown over the years. The synagogue offers programs catering to not just Jewish individuals but also non-Jewish members of the community. Programs and events include holiday celebrations, Hebrew language classes, and a variety of other activities that are tailored to all different age groups

They offer programs for all members of the community – from preschoolers to seniors. From the beginning, they were committed to building a strong Jewish community that would be welcoming to all Jews from different backgrounds and levels of observance.

The Central features a Chabad House, offering a Jewish library and programming for people of all ages. It also provides pre-school up to adult education plus respective clubs for children and teens where they can grow and

The Chabad Hebrew School is led by Associate Rabbi Rabbi Aaron Gopin and his wife Chaya, who offered their knowledge and guidance to the many students who attended.

It also has nearby facilities such as a synagogue, providing a place for Jews gather to pray, study the Torah and celebrate their holidays.

Additionally, the Chabad Central offers Mikvah for those who are seeking to immerse themselves in Judaism. Mikvah is a Jewish ritual bath or pool used for the purpose of spiritual purification. It is the most important observatories for observing Jewish law, along with prayer and fasting.

The Director of Chabad Central of Boca Raton, Rabbi Moishe and Rivkah Denburg, have been dedicated souls in the community for more than a decade.

Source: Chabad Central Boca Raton


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