Hadar High School for Girls South Florida

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Hadar High School for Girls South Florida, Boca Raton

Hadar High School for Girls is an all-girls private, academic institution in Boca Raton, Florida. The school was founded in 2001 and offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with a focus on STEM and arts. HADAR’s intimate setting provides students with the opportunity to explore and develop more meaningful relationships with their peers, teachers and community.

The school is proud to provide its students with a variety of opportunities that include clubs, sports, and arts in the form of visual arts, music, dance and theater. It has a reputation for providing all of these programs at a high level.

Hadar High School for Girls strives to provide a high-quality academic environment with the goal of developing young women who have self-confidence, excellent character traits, and attain a well-rounded education that includes Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies), General Studies, and an emphasis on Torah values.

The school welcomes the opportunity to foster a deep relationship with the Jewish people as a whole, and to foster both a deep affection for and loyalty to the Land of Israel.

The goal of Hadar is to provide a Jewish education for young girls in order to encourage and empower them to become competent, modest, intellectual women who will prosper in their future personal, corporate, and social activities.

Their curriculum focuses on both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies and uses innovative ways in which to challenge students academically in order to stimulate religious and personal growth which will only serve to strengthen the Jewish community.

The school administration, board of directors, rabbinic advisory council and a high-energy body of dedicated parents work together to promote these goals and ensure that Hadar is a distinctive school, dedicated to serving the South Florida Jewish community.

Hadar South Florida High School for Girls is committed to providing education to any learner of any race, nationality, or ethnic background. Accepting learners regardless of their backgrounds, the school offers all of the rights, benefits, and programs as well as its activities to every student that enrolls.

Source: Hadar High School for Girls


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