Where’s the Best Kosher BBQ in Boca Raton? Burnt

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Where’s the Best Kosher BBQ in Boca Raton? BurntBurnt Kosher BBQ in Boca Raton

Burnt BBQ has been a welcome addition to Kosher dining in Boca Raton. Without a doubt Burnt is the place to go for smoked Brisket, Wings, Prime Rib, and especially ribs.

Burnt is run efficiently by Chef Sam Sabol who is no stranger to barbecue. Many remember him as the manager of Dougie’s ribs in Teaneck.

Burnt has a full bar and every week there are new drinks at the bar and various bar specials. There are ladies’ nights and specials on wings and beer frequently.  The bar at Burnt is fully stocked with wines and liquors. There are a wide variety of single malt scotches and bourbons at the bar.

Full Bar at Burnt.

Burnt has a fully stocked bar.

By the way, the bar has its own menu, and the bar burger is in a class of its own. It’s one of the most popular items on the menu.

Service is very friendly and efficient. When you sit down at your table you’ll begin to salivate at the menu.

I especially recommend the smoked wings and the burnt ends. You may be tempted to call for bowl after bowl of the wings.  The chili with smoked brisket and corned bread is also quite popular.

Allergic to something? Just tell your server and it will be taken care of.

Moving on to mains you’ll face some difficult choices: smoked brisket, smoked prime rib, and smoked veal necks.

You’re here for ribs? You’re in the right place.  You can choose from spare ribs, baby ribs, and short ribs.  You can also get a smoked chicken. But if you’re the kind of person who wants everything, their BBQ platter is a joy to look at before you dig in.

But there’s more:

Burnt offers a 12 oz rib eye cooked in a cast iron pan (it’s very flavorful and cooked to perfection. You can also get marinated chicken breasts cooked in a cast iron pan as well. The Carolina Brisket Burger is a tasty delight.

There’s so much more on the menu including hearty salads, sandwiches, and more.

Kids will go for the corn dogs and burgers.

Desserts top off a perfect meal with Apple or Lemon Pie, Cinnamon Buns, Zeppoles and Smores.

Smoked Wings at Burnt

Smoked Wings at Burnt BBQ

Quinoa Salad at Burnt

This salad is jam-packed with brisket and veggies.

Steak Covered with Potatos

Short Ribs at Burnt

These short ribs were delicious and meaty.

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