Temple Beth El – Synagogue in Florida

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Temple Beth El – Synagogue in Florida

Temple Beth El, one of Florida’s most regarded Reform congregations, has been working tirelessly to ensure that Jewish culture remains alive and relevant in this day and age.

They have been doing so by offering their congregation with the opportunity to explore their heritage while also educating them on the modern-day practices of Judaism. This congregation is a pillar to the community both spiritually and culturally.

Temple Beth El of Boca Raton grew from a small team of dedicated pioneers who founded the Boca Raton Hebrew Congregation to become the area’s largest and most dynamic congregation.

They offer a full range of services to members and the community including religious school, Shabbat services, life-cycle events, social action activities, and Israel-related programming.

Over its history, they have strived to instill a spirit of kindness, intimacy, and vibrancy in whatever they do and everything they are. By inviting those who seek a meaningful Jewish life to come together with them, they are sure to leave an impactful legacy.

The congregation has a deep conviction that it can make a very significant difference in the lives of its members, their greater neighborhood, Israel, and the world. These are goals that they focus on every day as they strive to do God’s will.

Temple Beth El’s goal is to create a strong dedication to Jewish life, education, society and spirituality. They emphasize that one should be aware of their physical surroundings and strive to make them as meaningful as possible.

Temple Beth El of Boca Raton aspires to be a highly captivating Reform Judaism center, connecting Torah and ritual with the contemporary world in which we live. They are committed to providing an inspiring and welcoming communal experience by hosting events that foster spiritual growth and intellectual advancement while providing an opportunity for social interaction.

Temple Beth El was constructed on 10 hectares of land in East Boca Raton, fulfilling the founders’ dream of a majestic synagogue. Temple Beth El is an important landmark for the Jewish community in Florida. It is also a major site for Jewish outreach programs and services.

The final resting place for the reform Jewish community of Southern Florida was set up at the Beth El Mausoleum at the Schaefer Family Campus. The only mausoleum in the US that was built on synagogue grounds was this one. It is one of the largest mausoleums in all of Florida, and it offers a variety of plots to ensure that families can be close to their loved ones for eternity.


Source: Temple Beth El

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