How Far is Tampa from Boca Raton

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How Far is Tampa from Boca Raton

Boca Raton is situated in the southeastern United States at (26.3587,-80.0831) coordinates, while Tampa is situated farther to the north at (27.9475,-82.4584). The approximate flying distance between Tampa and Boca Raton is 183 miles, or294 kilometers. Given that one average airline mile equals approximately 1.6 kilometers, this means that the two cities are about289 kilometers apart from one another.

So, how many hour does it take to go from Boca Raton to Tampa by riding a plane? The duration of your travel depends on various factors such as the time of your arrival and waiting in the airport. If we take into account just the duration of the flight without considering other factors, you will arrive at the Tampa International Airport in 50 minutes.

In addition to flying, you can travel to Tampa from Boca by car, bus or train.

The distance going to Tampa from Boca, if you’re traveling by car, is 368.32 kilometers. Travel time will be 3 hours and 17 minutes if you drive your car at an average pace of 70 miles per hour. This route takes you through some of Florida’s most beautiful scenery, so be sure to take your time and enjoy the drive!

You can also take a bus, which takes a bit longer than driving, but is usually cheaper. The ordinary ticket will run you about 61 dollars. A bus ticket also costs a minimum of $50 USD. Although Tampa is located 268 miles from Boca Raton, it offers a variety of practical bus trip selections. It takes the bus about nine hours to travel there, but the trip may be worth it for those looking to explore a new city.

Finally, there is the option of taking a train, which is generally the most expensive form of transportation but is also the quickest way to get to Tampa from Boca Raton. A 218-mile railroad runs between the two cities. It takes approximately 5 hours to travel from one city to the other by train.

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