Google Removes Listings For Dozens of Kosher Restaurants – Mistake or Anti-Semitism?

by Boca Raton Jewish News | Sep 28, 2023 | Featured Stories | 0 comments

Yesterday the word slowly spread that dozens of Kosher restaurants – mostly in South Florida – lost their Google listings.

When you Google the name of a restaurant, typically the first thing you see is the Google listing.

What’s most important is the reviews.

Restaurants work hard to earn these reviews.

Now while Soho Deli is listed, Soho Asia – the parent restaurant – no longer appears.

The popular Cafe Noir in Hollywood had over 9000 Five Star reviews and their reviews are GONE.

Instead when logging in, the owner found this message:

Elan Kornblum – Admin of the Facebook group – Great Kosher Restaurants   reported the following restaurants as affected:

Cafe Noir
Grand Cafe
Pita Xpress
Pita Plus
Ms. Dixie
Soho Asian
Pita Hut North Miami
6 pack
Mozart Cafe Sunny Isles
Burnt Boca Raton
Many others are just discovering the issue now.
None of the restaurants reported ANY problems or communications from Google.
So how did this happen? Is it an error of algorithm? Or something more sinister?
It is the holiday season and many visitors from out of town will be visiting South Florida.
This act by Google could very likely cause damages of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Google’s motto is: Do No Evil
Right now, they aren’t living up to that motto.
Google HAS been contacted by many so far. We will update you as soon as we know more.
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