Glades Road closures in Boca Raton canceled for rest of the week

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Glades Road closures in Boca Raton canceled for rest of the week

The Florida Department of Transportation said that the late-night glades road closures were canceled.

There was a plan to close the east and west entrances to I-95 through the night and on Thursday but that plan was canceled by the FDOT.

The closures were an integral part of the highway exit overhaul that was done to pave the way for a more efficient and easy to use highway system in the near future. This overhaul is expected to start providing positive impacts by as early as this upcoming year, as it will reduce traffic congestion at major intersections and provide increased safety for drivers.

The interchange is being changed into a Diverging Diamond which will be the first of its kind in Palm Beach County.

The state Department of transportation explained that the road was closed for paving and tie-in activities.

The first phase of a project to redesign that stretch of highway is expected to be finished by fall, with the public being allowed to use it for the first time.

Recently, passers-by have seen major changes underway, including a recently built pedestrian pathway.

The “diverging diamond” pattern which has become popular in Florida is known for sending drivers on what feels like driving in the wrong lane, however it is done so to simplify traffic patterns and reduce collisions.

Source: Sun Sentinel


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