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Meet Boca Raton’s Newest Celebrity Oryahh Interview

Hey, everyone. This is Harlan Kilstein, the publisher of Boca Raton Jewish news. And I am here with an upcoming Star homegrown in Boca Raton. His name is Oryahh and his music is taking the Jewish world by storm. Rumor has it Oryahh that you are working with a couple of major Jewish artists. Can you say their names?

Oryahh: Yeah, there’s a few. And it’s great to you know, be able to talk with you. There’s a few though. Got nice in black we’re doing a few things with God advisor we’re, you know, working with I’m actually working with his son as well. Very, very talented singer, just like him, just like his father. And you know, those are just a few few names that we’re adding to the list.

And you went on your first tour with Nissim Black is that is that?

Oryahh: Yeah, that is correct. We went, we went to a few places, which is which is really enjoyable. We actually got to go to Canada as well as staying in the US because he can’t do it from Israel to the US for a tour. So we got to go a bunch of we got to go Seattle,Toronto, New York, New Jersey, it was really, really fun.

I saw that you guys were up at Camp HASC. And it looked like campers, they were having an outstanding time.

Oryahh: Yeah, that was that was actually one of my favorite trips. Just just the energy there was so great was unreal energy. It was pure, you know, you could tell it was really, really happy to see him. We were just as happy to be there. So it’s really good.

The kids were coming up and dancing on the stage.

Oryahh:  And yeah, it’s amazing. It was good to see it, you know, made me really happy. We’re able to have that much of an impact, you know, so it’s just a great time overall.

Now for someone who is relatively new on the Jewish music scene. You’re getting around. You did a series of two sold out concerts down in Hollywood. And anybody who has anybody in Boca Raton was there the place was packed.

Oryahh:  That was a great. I thought it was a great. And yeah, we shows in Hollywood, and, you know, you never know what the turnouts gonna be. But I was I was I was happy to see it, you know, that they had to actually they bring more seats and a bunch of stuff like that. It was really nice to see it, you know, people can that was like the turnout, you know, so it was a good experience.

And what was the feedback that you got? I know what I thought I thought you were fantastic.

Oryahh: Thank you. Thank you. I saw you guys as well, their feedback was, they were I guess people just want to know what I was doing. It was people seem to enjoy the music. It wasn’t like music that a lot of people I guess have heard of a Jewish artist. So when you hear, I guess the stuff that I was making with the types of beats and the types of whatever it was the style, it was kind of something that was new to people they want to kind of more just definitely find me and we’re gonna get a lot more soon for sure.

Now, you grew up on music. When did you realize that you were in love with music?

Oryahh: I think since a kid I really, you know, it was just always a part of my life. You know, my dad was very into Shlomo Carlebach. There’s a lot of singing in the house. There’s a lot a lot of music. He played the guitar. So when I was younger, he got me like the guitar, I had no idea how to play it. I was just making all kinds of noise. But you know, I found enjoyment in it, you know. So I really think since since I was very young, I had a, you know, a little musical background, and things like that.

And you have a gift that I saw you sit down and play a song, literally from your head, not a not a line of notes in front of you. That is an incredible gift that you have.

Oryahh: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, it’s I play the piano I played since I was probably three, four and on and off, you know, but I don’t read notes. I just I can I usually like to listen to a song maybe a few times, twice, three, four times. And I kind of figure it out over takes a little bit and usually the song decently fluent, but loved piano.

You have been been in demand. As someone who produces beats. Can you see what beats are to? audience remember, when it comes to Jewish music, the word beats is rarely heard. I mean, for most people beets is something they eat on Rosh HaShana. So what exactly does it mean in a music context.

Oryahh: So beats basically are so if you’ve ever heard the some Nissim Black song, he uses beats or beats or everything else, but the voice so it consists of sounds called baselines and all these synthetic instruments. So basically, most of the stuff that he sings on is computer generated. So I basically construct songs, I make them intro, we have our hook the reverse, or whatever the structure of it is. And I basically play the keys and I make the piano sound like something it’s not like you can make it sound like a guitar, you can make it sound like these, these ambient bells, you can make a song like whatever you want, and you structure that song to whatever it is you’re trying to make. And and the artist sings on it, you know that that that basically what beats are.  Everything that is synthetic or electronic, other than a natural guitar or other than, you know, natural violin or whatever it is. So that’s basically a little bit about what it is. We have also like special effects, you can add risers, and then it’s a whole bunch of again, it gets really complicated, but it’s enjoyable. That’s a little bit of what I do. For sure.

Your music is starting to turn up and a lot of different places you can follow Oryahh on Spotify, you can follow him on Instagram, you can follow him on YouTube. SoundCloud if I’m correct, yes,

Oryahh: No, we don’t have a SoundCloud right now. But mostly the most of the platforms you mentioned, definitely Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube as well. Those are like the main, the main for the moment.

Okay, and right here, at this point, in the video, we’re going to insert one of your favorite songs from YouTube. So we can let people hear exactly what you do. Which, which one would you suggest that we put.

Oryahh: So YouTube has at the moment, there’s a song called Habibi I put out which is it’s a pretty it’s a pretty good song. It’s a it’s, it’s very upbeat, very good song. It’s 32. And there’s a few other ones that aren’t on YouTube yet on Spotify.

But opening of the song of Habibi sounds like at the very intro sounds very Carlebach in was that deliberate?

Oryahh: That might have been a different song. Because the Habibi one it’s like very, very, it’s like a dance on to EDM electronic dance. This one’s a very, very good, good energy, a little different. But in Carlebach is at the root of all all of the stuff I do with the melodies and stuff like that. So you could say technically Right, yeah.

Okay, well, I guess you know, if it’s been in your blood, since literally you were born. You would have that. That influence yeah. Nissim Black. I’ve never met him. But he seems like at the same time, both a character and someone very, very serious and dedicated both to, to his family and to his music.

Oryahh: Yeah, he’s the real deal. He’s always got a Sefer (religious book), and he’s always got a book, or whatever it is. And sometimes before usually we have ritual actually, before he performs or before whatever it is going on, we have a little bit of a small D’Var Torah, you know, small little speech that he gives. And just him just to me, between me and him, we just gives a little, little enthusiastic words of encouragement and tell her and then and then he’s out. We do our thing. So, you know, that’s what we did at our last show. And hopefully, you know, for the next ones, we’ll keep doing it. But yeah, he’s very serious real deal for sure.

Okay, what is the future look like for Oryahh as a singer, we haven’t yet heard you in Boca Raton. Yes, you’ve played at small things, but never your own gig. When are we gonna see that?

Oryahh: That’s happening very, very soon. I actually one of my managers is working on some things. For homeboys, we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna see we’re gonna see what’s going on but some something some some big things are gonna be coming soon. The song including we have we mainly sing songs together. So we’re gonna be performing those today. Yeah, we have. We’re working on. I think two. We’re working on two right now. Hopefully we’re gonna get some more together but we’re working on we’re working on finishing those up.

Let me ask you a question. You spend a lot of time in the studio.

Oryahh: A lot of times do it. Yeah.

Are you interested in music production as well as singing and performing?

Oryahh:  Yeah, so originally, that’s what I was doing for other people that was producing a lot of that beats and send them to artists. And then artists would get on the beats, and they would, whatever they would do, you know. So and I was doing that for every bot for like the secular crowd. And then I later on I kind of incorporated the Jews crowd and I like I said, I’ve been able to work with a lot of very talented Jewish artist too. So it’s been really enjoyable that I can do that and feel like I can serve Hashem in that way. But, but yeah, but for I was doing the beads just before even the music side of it. For sure.

What’s the feedback when you get out into communities where people hear you for the first time they don’t know who you are? You’re just on the stage with Nissim Black. And people hear your work? What’s the response around the country,

Oryahh: People like it. He likes to show people some of the stuff I’ve done too. So we were actually, it was after one of our Toronto performances, we went to this restaurant. And he ended up playing some songs that I did for a group of people and they they seem to like really enjoy, it seemed to be a lot of them asked for more info.. And that’s been, you know, thankfully, that’s been a lot of the response. Thanks. A lot of people are curious about hearing, I guess more, which is great for me. And I think it’s great for them to because it gives us both an opportunity to connect.

Now, nobody knows what’s in their future. But what are you hoping to accomplish over the next couple of years.

Oryahh: I’m just really kind of, you know, my first goal is obviously closer to Hashem, you know, and to do that through music. And to do that through just generally improving myself as a person. I tend I have a big goal of I can see myself doing a lot of really big thing. So the music industry is influencing a lot of people helping a lot of people through my music, and then just through mitzvos, and things like that. And, you know, I, I see a lot of good things coming. You know, a lot, a lot of big, big performances. With a lot of big names, we’re going to do work with a lot of really good things going on. For sure.

That’s, that is fantastic. Now, I’ve heard a rumor, and it’s just a rumor that there’s a good possibility that Israel is going to show up in your future.

Oryahh: Yes, yeah, that that’s, that is confirmed it is it is gonna happen. We’ll be going to Israel in very shortly, say, month and a half. And I have a lot of work to do there with some Israeli producers and artists and things like that. So right now we’re in addition to, by the way to Hebrew to English songs, I do a lot of deeper stuff do.

Who are the people, aside from someone called back aside from Gad Elbaz, aside from the Nissim Black, who are the musicians that you personally like to follow that you like to listen to?

Oryahh: Um, there are, there’s a, there’s a good amount of artists, I also including other people, I like to I kind of just like to mess around, like, a lot of the times how songs will come about is, I’ll be messing around, I’ll play something on the piano and I’ll play these chords and something kind of sticks with me. Like the way I made one of my songs Shir Ha’maalot and I was kind of just playing around. It’s a it’s a really nice cover of a song, obviously, a prayer. And I’ll kind of just play around with it and somebody just comes and I started singing I see it’s kind of what just comes what what kind of fits with this and that whatever I feel it goes off the emotion and the feeling whatever makes me feel like this is gonna be really fun as well. I kind of I kind of used that. But artists I have a lot of a lot of like, like, how do I explain it. There were some hip hop artists that I liked. A little while, you know, hip hop artists, I like some, you know, just really just whatever I hear it’d be really anything pops out to me.

We are looking through forward to hearing more of your work. And for those of you who are listening to Oryahh and want to know more, right underneath this video. And right underneath the transcript there going to be links to follow Oryahh on Instagram, and YouTube and and Spotify. as well if you have Spotify if you don’t have it, get it. It’s there’s a free option and a paid option. You can listen to Oryahh’s music and also if you go to his profile, there’s a way that you can donate to support him in his continuing work. So let’s all get together behind this rising star. And when he performs in in Boca make sure to go get a picture with him. One day those pictures are gonna be valuable. And no reselling them on eBay. Okay. So thank you, Oryahh, for joining me.

Thank you. Thank you. It’s been it’s been a great conversation.

Here’s his latest and one of his most creative!

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