Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival

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The Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival is an annual event that features a wide variety of Jewish-themed films. This year’s Festival will showcase a diverse range of films, from comedies and dramas to documentaries, all of which explore different aspects of Jewish culture and heritage. The Festival is a great opportunity to learn more about Jewish life and history through the medium of film.

The Levis JCC Sandler Center in Florida is responsible for presenting renowned and extravagant Jewish Film Festivals in the state. The event has been running for many years and always features a great selection of films that appeal to Jewish audiences.

My Festival, My Way, is one of the most anticipated Israeli festivals for the longest time in the United States. The Festival took place from the month of February up to April last year. It featured a variety of events and activities for people of all ages, including musical performances, cooking demonstrations, and educational workshops.

The Boca Film Festival is known for presenting numerous US and world premieres each year. For example, the Ukrainian film “Carol of the Bells” received its US premiere at the Festival last year and was very popular with audiences.

The Festival is delighted to bring both full-length and short films, as well as new filmmakers, to distributors and viewers. This year’s lineup includes a diverse range of genres and topics, sure to appeal to a wide array of viewers. We are confident that there is something for everyone at this year’s Festival.

Organizers of the Film Festival will be evaluating submissions for the film series at the town’s Jewish Community Center. This process will help to determine which films will be included in the series. The criteria that will be used in making these decisions include the quality of the film, its relevance to Jewish culture, and how well it fits with the overall theme of the series.

The Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival will prioritize any feature or short film that is making its Florida or Palm Beach County premiere. Work-in-progress films are also encouraged and welcomed.


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