B’nai Torah Congregation Boca Raton

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B’nai Torah Congregation Boca Raton

With over 1,300 families under its umbrella, B’nai Torah Congregation is the biggest Conservative synagogue in southeastern Florida. B’nai Torah is pronounced “Buh-Nay”. They offer a range of services to residents in the nearby community including religious education for children and adults, social services for the community, widows and orphans outreach initiatives, and adult study classes.

They serve as an ideal outlet for arts, entertainment, education, and culture as well as a home for various Jewish educational institutions. They provide a space to explore and develop Jewish heritage and culture.

B’nai Torah offers a diverse range of programs that are aimed to be spiritually and intellectually engaging, with a focus on the body and soul, for all age groups. With a variety of events such as festivals and celebrations, it is sure to have something that appeals to everyone.

The B’nai Torah provides services for Shabbat, daily Minyan, and a variety of other rituals that are important to the Jewish community. They provide a place for people of all backgrounds and beliefs to come together to pray together, celebrate special occasions with friends and family, and learn about their culture.

The Tzedakah Learning and Chesed (TLC) program is one example of many Mitzvah Programming and Opportunities available at B’nai Torah.

In addition to that, they also offer a Youth Group programming for students in grades 3-12. The group offers an opportunity for students to meet new friends and collaboratively explore faith ideas. The B’nai Torah also offers Adult Programming, featuring classes and activities for mental stimulation, physical fitness, and spiritual enrichment.

B’nai Torah is a home to many prestigious Jewish educational institutions. Offering a variety of Rabbinic and non-Rabbinic studies, the school is recognized for its diversity in religious affiliation and ethnic cultures. B’nai Torah students come from all over the world, representing an array of cultures and backgrounds. Students are taught the basic principles of Judaism while also learning about other religions, with a focus on interfaith dialogue.

Rabbi David Steinhardt has served as the Senior Rabbi at B’nai Torah Synagogue in Boca Raton for more than twenty years, where he is known for his cutting-edge sermons and insightful teachings.

Rabbi Steinhardt has led the modernization of B’nai Torah Synagogue by encouraging new congregational programs and learning opportunities for people of all ages. He has been a driving force in expanding space to accommodate the growing congregation, as well as providing new Jewish educational opportunities and innovative programs to serve them.

The B’nai Torah also has a very competent staff of rabbis, directors, and other staff to provide the excellent level of service they are known for.

Back to School at Boca Raton Elementary: Palm Beach County’s Oldest and Smallest Elementary School

Boca Raton Elementary School

Boca Raton Elementary School

For the 13th Year B’nai Torah Congregation Partners Boca Raton Elementary School;

Students Will Receive New School Uniforms and School Supplies Needed for New School Year

It’s the first day of Back to School! And B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton has partnered with Boca Raton Elementary School for the 13th consecutive year!

This year, B’nai Torah Congregation is providing all three kindergarten classes and 60 students with school supplies and new uniforms.

Boca Raton Elementary School is a Title 1 school; it is also the oldest and smallest school in Boca Raton.


Source: B’nai Torah Congregation


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