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Rabbi Harlan (Tsvi) Kilstein is the publisher of Boca Raton Jewish News who decided to start this website after seeing countless negative news.

People reflect what they are exposed to so he decided to build a site based on positive news only.


Harlan Kilstein

Harlan Kilstein


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Boca Raton Jewish News

Boca Raton Jewish News publishes all the positive Jewish news about Boca Raton.

School, synagogues, restaurants, and organizations are welcome to submit content for publication.

There is never a charge for publishing this content.

We review Kosher restaurants in Boca Raton that are certified by a recognized Kashrut organization.  The two certifications that exist in Boca Raton are the ORB and the KM from Miami.

We’d love to post your positive reviews of Kosher restaurants in Boca Raton.  Please email them to news@bocaratonjewishnews.com